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Designing Cabinets:

Kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets are critical for any remodeling project. Our cabinets will give you the cabinet layout you want with the materials and finishes you desire. At Design Plus, we have in-house cabinet designers to draft your cabinets and help you make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality.

Cabinet Placement

Cabinets can follow an open floor plan or stick to tradition, as your personal taste dictates. You can place them above and below the kitchen counter, or you can use them to divide your kitchen space from other living spaces. They can even act as an island in the middle if you want more counter space to prepare or eat food.


Whether you like wood, stainless steel or laminate, we can make custom cabinets to meet your tastes.


Doors add character to your cabinets. They act as an important style component to your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you like glass, stainless steel or wood doors, Design Plus will tailor your cabinets to achieve the style and look you are hoping for.

Custom Doors

Door Specialists:

Just as there’s no substitute for quality craftsmanship, nothing can replace a trusted relationship. When you choose Design Plus Granite, you’ll soon discover a  connection unlike any you have known. We work closely with you so everything is easy: easy selection, easy process, easy communication.

“Quality You Can Count On” describes the quality of every cabinet door, drawer front, and accessory. Yet, it also speaks to our integrity, standing behind every product so you can continue to build trust with us.  We provide you with a large amount of expertise, product details, and unique design insight.

“Quality” really means Quality at Design Plus Granite. We create to match your needs and offer a vast collection of door styles, wood species and finishes to choose from. We’re inspired by your cabinetry and refacing needs, small to large volume projects, from custom one-offs to large jobs.

If you’re a homeowner, we encourage you to contact us today!